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Increasingly often businesses and individuals need to consult quickly and reliably our energy consumption data.
Sometimes the wait for our electricity bill utility company to check what has been our consumption can cause surprises and that corrective action is taken subsequently, having paid extra expense could have been avoided.

CISAR provides the ability to monitor and manage consumption and electrical parameters from the capacitor bank with the special regulator “CISAR_CRG8”.

  • Minimum, average and maximum: kVAr, kVA, voltage, current, temperature, harmonics.
  • Reading and analysis of harmonics (THDi and THDU) to the value # 31 with bar graphs.
  • Recorded data from other existing energy counters.


  • Three integrated functions: CONTROLLER reactive power / grid analyzer / energy meter.
  • Viewer “lcd” backlit function icons.
  • Expandability and / or communication: MODBUS / GSM_GPRS / ETHERNET (with plug-in modules in back).
  • You can manage up to 18 capacitor groups (kVAr steps).
  • Instant display of data via “Wireless” from the front of the regulator.