Why trust Cisar?

CISAR is synonymous with quality and reliability. We apply this value to all our products, regardless of the type of installation they are intended for, or whether it is a small, medium or large team. CISAR is synonymous with experience. True specialists in correction of power factor and harmonics, with a business trajectory of more than 30 years. CISAR is synonymous with proximity. Through our network of commercial delegates we try to maintain permanent contact with the Clients, advising them and attending to their requests.

What type of company needs a capacitor bank?

An automatic capacitor bank is a device capable of detecting the presence of inductive reactive power in an electrical installation, and by connecting its groups of capacitors to achieve the necessary reactive capacitive power to eliminate it.
Capacitor banks are essential elements to reduce the energy cost of an installation.
Improve electrical performance and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Which battery to choose, one of 400 V or one of 440 V?

The technical department CISAR will advise you to calculate and choose the best option in each case.

Harmonics in the electricity network ... how to act?

Problems caused by a high harmonic distortion in an electrical network are increasingly frequent, caused by the increasing and essential use of: frequency inverters, static starters, electromagnetic induction furnaces, electronic illumination, UPS, etc.
If these problems are not dealt with properly they mainly cause these effects on the electrical installation: saturation of transformers voltage drops increase of the circulating current by the neutral triggering of differential overheating in the conductors premature exhaustion of the condenser batteries The harmonics can ” enter “by two places: 1.- From the user’s own installation with the use of the” non-linear “loading elements mentioned above. 2.- On the outside line in the case of sharing a transformer with another user (s) and being these the harmonic generators. How should we proceed ? A complete harmonic measurement must be performed with a network analyzer to determine:

  • Level of harmonic distortion in current and voltage (THDi% / THDu%)
  • Type/s of predominant harmonic/s (both values ​​are very important because they determine the type of capacitors and three-phase inductances that will have to be used)

In these cases, what is the solution to the problem?

  • Install a capacitor bank with filters for BLOCK / REJECT harmonics
  • Install a fixed capacitor with filters for BLOCK / REJECTION of harmonics, to compensate the losses of the transformer.
  • Install an ABSORPTION filter at the head of the installation, to prevent the entry of harmonics coming from outside.
  • Install several ABSORPTION filters in each of the harmonic generating lines within the installation itself.

An ABSORPTION filter does not replace a capacitor bank, although it has LOCK / REJECT filters, and vice versa.