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Power factor correction centrally and automatically controlled from the head of the electrical installation.


  • For our metal cabinets specially designed for easy assembly, installation, use and performance of equipment maintenance.
  • High quality capacitors with security system against internal overpressure and UL Certification.
  • By 1st quality protection used devices (fuses, aut. breakers, etc.)
  • For the excellent multifunctional reactive power controller, fully programmed. Combines fixed and variable compensation.
  • For contactors or thyristors 1st quality, especially for capacitive loads.
  • Because the cables used are halogen-free.
  • Because we doubled or tripled the ventilation system, depending on the type of banks.


  • Phicap_400 V: several possibilities of integrated general protection.
  • Phicap_CRC: small size, 1 or 2 steps, reactive relay and IV automatic circuit breaker (neutral phase protected)
  • Phicap_A4: small size, 2 steps, reactive relay and IV automatic circuit breaker (neutral phase protected)
  • Phicap Plus_440 V: several possibilities of integrated general protection
  • Fast Cap: small steps, power regulator with fast response, and IV automatic circuit breaker (neutral phase protected)R-Cap: reinforced with special reinforced capacitors against medium harmonics%.
  • Thyristor: static contactors (thyristors), fast response regulator
  • With harmonic filters to block: detuned reactors, special reinforced capacitors.
  • Thyristor and harmonic filters: static contactors, detuned reactors, special reinforced capacitors.
  • Mixed without harmonic filters: thyristors and Ac6b contactors.
  • Mixed with harmonic filters: thyristors and Ac6b contactors, detuned reactors, special reinforced capacitors.


230 V up to 1000 V (III-AC)

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