What kind of company needs a capacitor bank ?

Until recently, the user of a capacitor bank has been primarily industrial or tertiary sector of medium-large size.

In the current legislative framework on energy cost pricing in three-phase electrical systems, there is no minimum contracting power from which a user is charged for reactive energy consumption.

That is, anyone with a three-phase installation, in any mode of billing Low Voltage may be penalized for reactive energy consumption should not be compensated installation with an automatic capacitor bank

In short, it means that now any small business, commerce, community neighbors, etc. until recently member of the group of so-called low-power customers, you may need a capacitor bank to remove reactive energy surcharge on the bill.

For large consumers or companies that contract in form of “High Voltage” must be borne in mind that, in addition to compensating reactive power centralized basis, must also offset losses transformer with a fixed capacitor on its side of BT, and in these cases the transformer is owned by the company and therefore it is your responsibility to improve efficiency compensating reactive power in the low voltage winding.

An automatic capacitor bank is equipment able to detect the presence of inductive reactive energy in an electrical system, and by connecting capacitors get their groups capacitive reactive power needed to remove it.

Capacitor banks are essential elements to reduce the energy cost of an installation. Improved electrical performance and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.